Kingdom Marriage: God’s Five Purposes

As mentioned in my previous blog, to experience a successful dating life and eventual marriage, Christian singles need to first understand the divine purposes of marriage. In our book, we discuss how the enemy has ravaged our culture and erected many obstacles, fears, mindsets and wrong beliefs about marriage and even, dating, so that we’ve ……Read More

Kingdom Marriage: A Higher Vision for Singles

Increasingly, in our culture today, more and more people are asking the question: Why bother marrying? In other words, if marriages break up so frequently, and lead to such pain and devastation, why not just hang out, date, live together, or otherwise have your sexual and relational needs met without bothering to marry? What’s the ……Read More

The Greatest Thing – Part 2

In this journey of learning to pursue and experience the greatest thing, the Lord began to show me that without love for brothers and sisters in God’s family—without making love our greatest pursuit—every Christian endeavor or act of service would become a lifeless, dead work that would amount to little or nothing in the end. ……Read More

The Greatest Thing

Living in the high paced, performance-driven environment of Silicon Valley, while ministering to hundreds of Christian singles, my wife, Claudia, and I are continually reminded of the devastating effects of people choosing wrong priorities. Also, at times, we are excited to see the positive outcomes of people choosing right priorities and balanced lives based on ……Read More