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Straight Talk for Christian Singles book



If you’re like many singles in the church today, you’ve probably followed the advice of spiritual leaders, dating gurus, or friends. You’ve read the standard dating books, listened to the relationship talks, and attended the Christian meetup events. Yet, perhaps you’re still longing for God, an angel, or just someone who’s been there before you, to cut through the cultural dating propaganda and give you straight answers to your tough questions. The author and his fun, insightful contributors will do just that. Join these wise Christian leaders and relationship veterans on their inspiring journey through Straight Talk to Christian Singles.

If you’re serious about finding your way to the oasis of great relationships, join the relevant, compassionate, former singles in this book. If you’re a Christian single that wants to prepare for healthy dating and courtship in today’s real world, Straight Talk to Christian Singles will take you there. Grab a copy today.

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