Testimonials for the Journey Ministry

Here are some testimonials from Journey community members and workshop attendees about their experiences. Read their stories, and/or contribute one of your own.

From Carletta C., San Jose, CA

Journey creates a comfortable environment to meet and fellowship with other Christian singles. It’s refreshing to find a place where people of all denominations and ethnicities can come together and have productive discussions relevant to the challenges single Christians face. Kevin and Claudia are very transparent about their journey and it has been a blessing. They format the Journey meetings in a way that keeps things interesting and interactive by using ice breakers, raffle prizes, video clips, table talk and more. I am grateful that they have answered the call on their lives to minister to singles.

From Ray Chin, Santa Clara, CA

For singles who are tired of being single, the Journey ministry is reaching a demographic that has been marginalized or forgotten. I am thankful for the sound, biblical and practical teaching given through this ministry.

From Veronica Adamson

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.17.29 PMWhen I found out the commitment this ministry had to fostering strong relationships with God the Father, and with each other, I was “in.” This is a great ministry to meet people and be a blessing to the Christian community in the Bay Area.

From Peter T.

The Journey ministry takes you into a higher realm, where best practice, biblical solutions, and real-life stories help you achieve your relational destiny!

From Kimberly Timmons, San Jose, CA

This couple has played a key role in mentoring me in relationships. I have attended many Journey events, including their Great Relationship Series. With Kevin and Claudia’s help, I have developed more successful relationships. I have also been able to use the tools they taught me in my relationship with my fiancé, [now husband].

From Lori L.

Having been a Christian for twenty years, having many pastors as family friends, I have not met a couple who identify themselves with the struggles in the journey of singleness. Whenever I was baffled in the arena of dating, my pastoral friends’ counsel in the past has not been too helpful simply because they had never traveled the journey of prolonged singleness. Kevin and Claudia are really a gift from God during this stage of my life, while I am proactively waiting for His provision of a marriage partner, yet actively pursuing a life of purpose, truth and worship. They point out poignant areas of misalignment to truth in areas of my life, bringing me greater joy and life. They have helped me to make some major adjustments, which have prepared me to walk into the next stage of life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

From Joyce, L.

The ideas in the Journey training are not only helping me prepare for my future marriage, but are also so applicable to my relationships while single now.

From Lamont Jones, Campbell CA

I have benefited immeasurably from Kevin and Claudia’s relational coaching. After attending several of their training series, I have used the tools they teach, tools which (through much trial and error) God has used to ultimately lead me to the one He chose for me. I am newly engaged with plans to marry my perfect mate in April 2015. I am so thankful to Kevin and Claudia for the selfless, vital role they have played in mentoring me in relationships. Not only have I developed more successful relationships, but the tools they teach have greatly helped me in my relationship with my fiancé.

From Joanne C.

When I’m struggling with relational issues, I often make an appointment to talk to either Claudia or both Kevin and Claudia. They offer practical, biblical insight with regards to relationships, singleness, marriage, and life that is not over-spiritualized. Instead of telling me what to do, they empower me to make my own choices, remind me of who I am in Christ, and give me confidence that I’m able to hear from God. Also, through “The Journey” ministry, they have given me many opportunities to use my creativity, discernment, and spiritual gifts to help other single men and women to know their royal identity as sons and daughters of the King. This has brought healing and redemption into my own life to know I’m a powerful and influential individual who is blessed to be a blessing to the larger body even as a single woman. I’ve greatly benefited from their counsel and teaching. However, most importantly, I’ve been blessed by their friendship.

From Ron Tanikawa, San Jose, CA

Kevin and Claudia have modeled what a godly Christian marriage is and what it isn’t, and have changed my perspective completely. I was looking for a woman to meet my needs, and spent many years doing so. However, I developed a far healthier, selfless, kingdom perspective of marriage after attending a number of their relational training events. Kevin and Claudia’s relational coaching helped prepare me for marriage. In July 2013, I was married to my wife in Vietnam.

Workshop Testimonials

From Carmen Lindsay, Gilroy, CA

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.14.46 AMGreat workshop, Kevin. The content you shared is just not something you come across, not even in Church circles. Your teaching is biblical, encouraging, and filled with hope… applicable in every area of life. Thank you for your transformative material and heart for relationships.

From Scott G.

I loved the Journey workshop. Thanks to Kevin and Claudia. Your blessing prayer was really beautiful. I could just feel God using you!

From Julie Brown, Co-founder, 'The Bridal Company', UK.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.34.26 PMThese workshops will change your mind! If you thought God didn’t have a plan for your marriage then think again. I attended workshop 1 in San Bruno and witnessed Kevin and Claudia’s ability to apply the Word of God to this most important area of an individual’s life. They carry a message of hope, grounded in the promises of God’s word, along with practical tools to prepare for quality Kingdom relationships. Just a theory? They have a powerful, authentic testimony of their own faith journey towards marriage. They know what they’re teaching.

If you value investing time in your own journey towards finding that godly spouse, sign up for their classes. You will be blessed, renewed in hope and empowered by the Holy Spirit to believe and prepare with purpose. I support and endorse this ministry—it’s powerful!

From Jovita Rich

If you want to live a more productive and fulfilled life of power, consider attending a “Dating for Keeps” workshop; it will enrich your life with practical teaching and direct your dating with divine purpose.

From Jomer Deleon, Singles Leader/Pastor at Church of the Highlands

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.14.52 AMI highly recommend this workshop to anyone who’s interested in having a proper view of what ‘healthy mindsets’ are.

From Becky Cook

I loved this workshop! For once I felt almost a new lease on life… marriage in particular. I appreciate the focus on teaching a strong and vibrant relationship with Christ; I appreciate the emphasis on just getting out there and making friends, to be a blessing to them. I am thankful that finally there are leaders of a singles group who actually understand what it is like to be single. Thank you, Kevin and Claudia!

From Jennifer Gayden

Kevin and Claudia are genuinely interested and led to help singles stay positive and avoid some dating pitfalls. It’s awesome to have a Christian perspective on successful dating and to be provided with tools to do so.

From John Cook – Castro Valley, CA

This workshop was the best at speaking to becoming the right one instead of just finding the right one that I have ever attended.

From Andrea

Thank you for such a heartfelt presentation. Everyone needs to learn about these relationship skills! I know God is on my side and I believe good things are coming in my future relationships.

From Jenna

The workshop was a great reminder of how we sometimes sabotage ourselves with our mindsets and ways unless we overcome negative thinking patterns. It offers a welcoming approach to living consciously as a Christian in seeking a life partner/marriage.

From Michael Leadon

I encourage all single people to attend this workshop. It encompasses areas of relationship with God, friends, and potential mates that aren’t usually touched on in relationship teachings.

From Teresa Ng

Great workshop! Always so encouraging and inspiring! Great reminders about life as a Christian, “Christian life is all about grace. So seeds of love and acceptance.’ ‘Give blessings to others, and we will be blessed.’ ‘Beliefs -> Emotions -> Behavior -> Habits.’ Also, great reminder about “Praising instead of complaining.’

From Darius Williams

This was a wonderful experience for me personally. I was, at first, afraid to attend and had to pray on it and find the courage to be here today. I’m glad I did and learned a lot about myself and met many good people, which I haven’t done in a long time. God bless you for putting this class together.

From Milise Vea

Good connections with good Christian people. Very well presented lecture by Kevin and Claudia—excellent stories, highlights, bible references for mature singles. An all-day relational, spiritual and communication fulfillment.

From Journey for Christian Singles Member

I highly recommend Kevin & Claudia’s workshops. As singles, we sometimes might feel awkward about coming to these workshops. But for me, it’s been enjoyable and it helps counter some of my faulty thinking and helped me learn to build great relationships and move forward.

From Journey for Christian Singles Member

I enjoyed the section about dating myths the most.  It was interesting to see all that singles believe especially because I noticed some myself.

From Rachel McKinsey

Attending this workshop definitely is a long-term investment in my future. Looking forward to sharing my relationship testimony with you. Amen. Thank you for sharing. I know this was a God send.

From Katherine

Have you ever thought, ‘Not me, why can’t I have such & such. God let’s go. I’ve been waiting.’? Well then, it’s time to find why your prayers/requests haven’t been answered. Come and unlock the answers you’ve been looking for.

From Beth

Christian based conference/workshop focusing on remodeling the negative mindsets towards oneself in the context of relationships with the opposite sex. The curriculum inspires men and women alike to trust in the Lord to promote positive mindsets, forgiveness and loving oneself unconditionally as a lovable, worthy son/daughter of God.

From Diana Blake

The workshop was very informative and practical.  I now have practical affirmation I can use and apply in my quest for meaningful relationships and my future husband.